Wellbeing of players:
- No spectators are permitted except for 1 adult for B Grade beginner players on the first night of the competition.
- Players whom sick or unwell are NOT to attend the scheduled game and are to notify their team captain prior to the game.
- Players are to check the CCVL Website regarding updates affecting the CCVL Competition.
- All players are advised top download the COVID Safe App to support tracking if required.

Conditions of entry:
- Players MUST sign in upon entry to the Volleyball Courts and adhere to designated court for their game and remain on this court for duty also. This register will be kept for 28 days.

Physical distancing:
- A maximum of 20 players are permitted on each court including the Duty Team.
- When possible players are to stand and play 1.5m apart.
- Spectators are to sit 1.5 m apart on designated seats. Family are permitted to sit together.
- Players are not to huddle between sets or at the end of a game. No handshakes are permitted.
- Players are advised not to gather outside the stadium when game is finished.

- Players are required to dress in playing gear prior to attending the stadium as change rooms won’t be in operation.
- All players are advised to practice thorough hand washing upon use of the amenities and use hand sanitiser provided.
- There will be hand sanitiser stations located at the entry to the courts and on each court. There will be wipes also on each court for player use and ball wiping.
- All players are to bring their own water bottles, sweat towels and whistles.
- No linesman flags will be used. This is replaced with hand signals.
- Alcoholic wipes on each court is for ball wiping between each set and at the end of the match and for cleaning scoreboard consol.

- All payments are to be transferred electronically to the CCVL Account on the Sunday evening.